One makeup trend that never goes out of style is having long and voluminous eyelashes. They look flirty, sassy, and every bit as glamourous as you could imagine. If you are not a fan of false lashes and are on the hunt to get that long fringe, look no further! These 5 easy tips will elevate your lash game and your look.

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1) Heat your eyelash curler

One of the easiest ways to achieve long eyelashes is by heating your ride-or-die eyelash curler. All you need to do is use your blow dryer to heat the curler for 10-15 seconds and then curl your lashes as you normally would. The heat will work in your favour and give you that long-lasting curl. Make sure that the tool is only warm and not hot!

2) Clean your Mascara Wand

Make sure to clean your mascara wand before each application so that there is no excess product on the wand. Excess product may cause your lashes to lump together at the base and weigh them down.

3) Wiggle your Wand

Now we know that most people have reservations about this technique out of fear of getting the product all over your eyes, but this trick lives up to the hype! Start by getting as close to your lid as possible and wiggle your way upwards from the base to the end of your lashes. This technique will evenly distribute the product giving you that long and fuller look.

4) Comb your Lashes

Before you apply mascara, know this: Combing your lashes can go a long way in achieving the appearance of long eyelashes. This simple hack can limit the chance of any clumping later when you apply your eye makeup.

5) Reach for a Lengthening Mascara

There are plenty of mascaras to choose from, but the right formula will help you achieve long eyelashes without a ton of fuss. Pick up a tube of the Rang De Mascara and see for yourself. It is a smooth, rich black formula specially created for that natural lengthening effect. It also contains the goodness of Castor Oil and Sesame Oil that nourish and stimulate the growth of lashes.

Congratulations, you’ve learned how to make your eyelashes appear longer! Now you’re ready to bat those blinkers!